Saturday, November 28, 2009


We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was Seth's first Thanksgiving and so we are thankful that God brought him into our lives and we love him. Lydia grows by leaps and bounds. She likes to sing and dance and her most recent love is BOOKS. She can't get enough of them. So when I asked her what she was thankful for she went and go this book called Who is in the Meadow? I found this book at the library and she loves it. So I am thankful for her love of books. Her new accomplishments include mastering the potty. We have moved her up to the big girl potty with a seat on top and now she won't use the one on the floor. It has been amazing to have Joel home for the last few days. He is such a great husband so loving and selfless. I did decide to master the Black Friday sales. I will probably most likely not do it again, especially by myself. It was crazy if you want the whole story you will have to ask. We enjoyed a fun meal with our good friends the Mason's. They have been our family away from our family since we have moved here. They mean so much to us. So thank you Mason's for once again taking us in and loving on us. it was an overall great day.