Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A little update

Well things as usual are busy in the Leineweber house. Things that have been happening here are: Lydia is potty training. She is doing an amazing job. She sometimes will go by herself with out me asking her, but I always know when she goes because she can't fully pull her pants down by herself. So she yells from the bathroom "PANTS DOWN MOMMY!!" Sometimes I don't always make it in time and she accidentally goes on the tip of her pants so I am learning to be quick. The only problem is, is that when I am nursing it is hard to get to her. But she has transitioned well. She has learned the difference in shapes and we are still working on what color is what. For someone who loves to color and play with play doh she doesn't seem to grasp colors very well. Her favorite things to do are play with her ponies and take a walk and pick up leaves. This past weekend we got to go trick or treating with our good friends Adam and Tara and she loves Abby. Seth is smiling real big now, and occasionally I can get him to coo back at me, it is now more common than not. I feel as if time has flown by with him as he is already 3 months old. My parents stopped in for a very quick trip this past Sunday. They were driving by after picking up a truck they bought in Texas. So my dad was able to meet his newest grandson. Seth loved him and give him lots of big smiles. It must be my dads low soothing voice I feel as if all babies love my dad. IT was great to see you mom and dad. Joel continues to be busy working at AIG and is still loving his job! He comes home to a house of chaos but we love seeing him when he gets here. Lydia always greets him with DADDY HOME!! Joel and I will be taking the birth in our small group probably by the end of this month so that will be interesting! Me, I am continuing to be a stay at home mom, and learning a lot about my selfish heart. My big growing experience has been being patient with Lydia as she hits the terrible 2 stage. I have discovered that when she is hungry she gets pretty grumpy! Potty training for me has been learning to give lots of Praise and try not to be impatient when she fails. I love being a mom and I am very fulfilled in doing it. As we hit full speed ahead into the holidays we continue to be a very busy family.


The Talberts said...

Ha! You're right - it's difficult to start potty training when you're nursing a little one! I spent a lot of time nursing Libby on the bathroom floor so I could one-handedly help Jacob on the potty.