Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I forgot to add How amazing Joel has been. After he rushed home to rescue me out of the shower he took 3 afternoons off to make sure I was ok. Then every ight he comes home jumps right into everything. Kids, cooking, cleaning, ice warm ice warm. He takes on the responsibility for the kids for everything, bathing, disciplining, feeding, playing. He is definitely my night a d shining armor. Then he still sits down after bed time and works for a couple of hours. All to get up in the morning to start all over again. So thank you hubby. I am so thankful.


Philip Leineweber said...

I praise God for your attitude! I am so sorry this experience has been so hard but I am thankful that God has given you joy, peace, and strength throughout. Continue modeling such a wonderful attitude and get well soon! We hope to see you before too long!