Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Stop seems to be a fitting title for my post considering the recent events in my life. October comes with so many beautiful things except this October unlike October of '11 came with sitting in a chair not doing anything. I am writing this story so that I can remember one day about this October and the many blessings I am experiencing. On October 25th after one of my first times back to jazzercise in a few weeks I came home to take a shower. I put the kids in room time so I knew they would be safe and jumped into the shower. Realizing I haven't shaved in awhile decided then would be a good time, and after that it's all kind of a blur. I remember slipping and falling but not much in between time. The next thing i feel is terrible pain in my rib area. I could barely breathe I had knocked the wind out of me. So as soon as I gain enough breathe I called for Lydia and she of course came running and I said go get mommies phone. So she ran out to get of course first asking a lot of questions. I said dial daddies number and she did. I told Joel that I had fallen in the bath tub and I couldn't get up. So he said he would be right here and hung up. So within minutes he got here helped me out of the bathtub that's when we noticed that I hurt my foot pretty badly. It was bleeding and cut open. So he brought me out to living room and looked over my foot and we both decided well it really isn't bad enough for stitches and that it would be better in the morning. So Wednesday morning I went church to do some stuff for the nursery and after standing on it for an hour I realized there was something worse done then just the cut. Well after making an appointment and a lot of help from a lot of different people sure enough I had done enough damage to my foot to have to be laid up for 2 weeks. So Joel's mom came to help and what a massive help she has been. Then after another appointment yesterday I found I am laid up for a other 4 weeks. So through all of this I have realized what a blessing walking truly is. I miss being down on the floor playing and imagining with the kids. I miss cooking and cleaning and talking nice walks around our subdivisions. But I have started to see the tremendous blessings God has made me see. First of all how many people have jumped into help us out. Babysitting, making meals, and just being a good visitor to me while I can't so much now. Another blessing is Betsy Leineweber. She has played, cooked, cleaned, cleaned,cleaned, and laundry galore. She is one of the greatest blessings in my life. Also I have has the oppurtunity to pray with two different people after they had called me to pray for a struggle they are going through. So being laid up in a chair for 6 weeks isn't so bad. So in lue of my title i know that God is telling me to stop and be thankful for the blessings in my life.