Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful heart

I know that it is time for us to once again celebrate thanksgiving. But these past few weeks I have been so overwhelmed with how ungrateful I am. So in a way this is a confession, but also I am striving to form a heart of gratefulness. I have been keeping up with a friend who I knew before college and then she just so happened to by roommate at college my freshmen year. She is going through one big trial a trial I know nothing about. She had c-section and gave birth to one amazing little boy, but they probably won't have him for varying long. As I have read her story and have prayed for her, I realized that I need to be thankful with the 2 children God has blessed me with. Now it's not that I haven't said thank you God for my kids, but now I realize that I need to be thankful for them daily thanking God for the oppurtunity to just love them and teach them and even discipline. When I have days where I just want to be away from my kids because they have just pushed every button I had, I need to say instead God thank you for these kids and thank you that if I have them for just one more day God you have sustained us and I know that there are reasons we fight one battle right after the other. So today I am making the decision to every day say thank you God for my two amazing miracles. I no longer want to take them for granted or push there silliness away but embrace them wholly and enjoy every second I have with them.