Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well I think God wanted to teach me a lesson about not worrying. Friday, Lydia decided she was really tired and took a 3 and half hour nap. I became a little worried about her so I went and woke her up by checking on her. So I brought her out to the living room and laid her on her belly to try once again to see if she would roll over. So I started with some toys and I took one of her favorite toys and I started putting it behind her head enough so that she had to strain to look at it and then all of the sudden bumb she rolled over. WOW!!! I exclaimed and clapped for her to realize that was fun and that she should do it again. I got her to do it a one more time from her belly to her back and then I decided to lay on the floor with her and she rolled from her back to her belly so she could play with my face. So 3 times right in a row. I told Joel all about it. But do you think she would roll over again to show off her stuff NOPE!!! All weekend we waited and tried the same trick over and over again but to no avail. She is back to not wanting to roll over again. Oh well, she loves to walk with you and she holds her self up when you stand her next to the couch. What a fun experience it was.