Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A couple of post

So Joel and I decided before we left to go to my parents for Christmas that we would take away Seth's pacifier as soon as we got back. So this is a memory I will want to share with him one day. So today I took Lydia and Seth to the dentist. Turns out he has a slight under bight because of paci as we call it. So the dentist told me that the sooner that we got rid of the paci the sooner that his bight would return to normal. So we took the plunge and I took the paci and snipped the end of it while Joel explained to him that he was a big boy and that he was going to get his present for throwing away his paci. So he took the paci and under Joel's encouragement threw the paci's in the trash with the end cut of it. So tomorrow I will update you on how he did paciless. Here to not having a sleepless night and much rest for Seth., who by the way has cut 8 teeth in the past 2 weeks.