Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well after some lengthy deciding Joel and I decided to go up and surprise my mom for her birthday (it was a month ago). So I made plans with my dad and we kept it a secret for about a month. Few, glad that is over. So my dad being the awesome secret keeper he is, made up an excuse to come get us at 9 in the morning, however a slight change because we missed our flight so we didn't get into Albany until 1. So lucky for us he got a call from some one who wanted him to bid a job and VUALA he had a great excuse to come. But let me back track a little. This was Lydia's first plane ride. So after sitting in the airport for 3 hours we boarded our first flight and I was so nervous. After consulting with some of my friends (thank you Cydney and Candace) I had lots of things to keep her busy. She was a little fussy taking off but after that smoooooth sailing. She did so great and we made it safely to NY. So we saw my dad and off we are to surprise my mom. We pulled into the driveway and dad took Lydia out of her car seat and put her blanket over her head and he walked into the house and mom was greatly surprised. It was a great trip and only a couple of road bumps but in the end it was an over all good trip. Here is some pictures of her first plane ride and some of my family with her.