Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well this week has been interesting. I have been trying to break lydia of her crying every time some one takes her. It worked for awhile but then yesterday I went to lunch with some friends of mine and she cried any time any one held her. I am sure that most of it was because it was nap time. I am still waiting for the time when she will be rolling around and then crawling because it seems as if she is a little far behind. I was watching Isabel move around the other day and she is moving so well and wonder when Lydia will be doing that. Oh well, not every baby is the same. I just have to be patient and then I will be saying why don't you sit still. While she rested last night Joel and I, did some more lawn work. We are trying to get grass to grow back in some bare spots Sadie created. So then my next big project is the front yard. We will see how that goes.


Lee and Candace said...

She'll get there! Enjoy her not being mobile!:)