Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poor Lydia

After we got back from our trip I had to take Lydia to the doctor's for a rash that she has had for a couple of weeks. It was awful because it was spreading so quickly. Turns out that it was a rash only a steroid cream could help get rid of it. So we have to apply twice a day until it is gone. Poor Lydia she is such a trooper doesn't even seem to faze her. On a side note, we went to the mall today and someone just randomly started talking to me about her daughter and told me not to worry about Lydia and her crawling or rolling over because she said she would do it when she was ready. I am enjoying not having to discipline her for things yet. But I am praying that her gross motors skills start to develop. Time will only tell and she is starting to pull herself up. I just have to find a toy that she can safely pull herself up on. Any suggestions I would love some info.