Saturday, April 26, 2008

walmart & baby food

We do much of our shopping at walmart (or “Chinamart” as my father-in-law calls it). Today it worked out better for us to go to a different walmart store than usual. Everything was in a slightly different place, though mostly logical. We needed lots of baby food, so we went to the wall of little glass jars to make our selection. Michelle picked out 13 jars of various types, but none with bananas because they don't do nice things to Lydia’s stomach.

They were 43 cents a jar, but as we went through checkout they rang up at 48 cents each! I wouldn’t have even noticed, but Michelle is on top if all things food shopping. Especially the current price of various items. Occasionally we visit other stores (Kroger, Meijer, etc.) and compare prices, and it’s rare that she doesn’t know what the price is at the other stores.

While I’m slightly ranting, this is mostly a story about a very kind, concerned walmart worker (and a few others who weren’t). Our cashier wasn’t particularly friendly, and we knew she couldn’t change the price it rang up at. We wanted to check the shelf to make sure it said 43 cents anyway. So I ran back after we payed and sure enough, 43 cents! We went to the customer service desk and after waiting in line told the lady about the inconsistency. She called the department for a price check, and 10 minutes later called again. Five minutes later she handed a jar to the manager who was helping her and asked her to check the price.

A few minutes later the manager came back and told the lady that they were 48 cents! Michelle and I were both shocked, so we walked back to the wall of jars again, and all the ones we grabbed were 43 cents. So Michelle managed to find another walmart worker (the hero in our story). I wish I had taken the time to notice her name. She took the time to look through all the items on our receipt and check them with the tags on the shelf. She was very friendly about everything and even said we were good to point this out with the way prices are going up.

She escorted us back to the customer service desk, corrected the manager (who wasn’t too thrilled about it), and told them to give us our money back.

So was the 45 minutes worth the $1.55 we got back? Not even close, but it was the principle of the thing. We made them honor their price tag ... and hopefully next time they’ll remember to update their price tags before they raise prices in their system. Thanks again to Friendly Walmart Lady whoever you are!


The Neals said...

Did you know that in Michigan it is against the law to overcharge a customer for an item. Here, if you go to the customer service desk, they have to refund you the difference, PLUS give you 5x's that amount back. So, in your case, you would have gotten the $1.55, plus $7.75. I have a friend that shops at Meijer and specifically looks for things that are overpriced. Once she made $20 on jarred baby food. They basically paid her to buy the food. Crazy!