Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today, I took Lydia for her 9 months checkup except she is 10 months now. Everything looks great except she keeps falling off the curve for weight. So we need to fatten her up. She is 28 and 3/4 inches long. She is in the 99th percentile for height. So she is tall and skinny. I also talked to him about the fact that she isn't crawling and she isn't pulling herself to the sitting position. He said that she has all the muscles to do those things. So he thinks she is just choosing not to. So we just have to keep working with her and give her time. So it was an over all good appointment. She has her third tooth coming now so she is doing great. I labeled this precious because she has been cuddling with me a lot lately. She wants me to pick her up so she can hug me. It is so awesome. I love being her mom. I love the fact that I am her mom. It has been a very rewarding and growing time for me.


Paulina said...

I love being a mom too! It is so great. I know you've heard this before probably a million times, but I really think they are on their own timing!

krissy said...

Michelle, Dora is the same way. She is also always low on weight too. I don't know if you see my blog through the vine of blogs or not but some other ladies and I are putting together a group to go hear a lady speak on practical tips for family nutrition. Just thought you might be interested.
There is more info on my blog livingngrace.blogspot.com.
~Krissy Livingston